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    The One Watch Everyone Needs!

    This post is in partnership with JORD watches but all opinions are my own!  

    On a daily basis there are a few things that I always have on my person; my wedding rings, a necklace and a watch.  I have an obsession with watches.  Well really, I have an obsession with accessories and the top accessory that I need at all times is a watch. 

    My favorite one lately has been my JORD “Frankie” Watch.  From the moment I received this beauty, I knew it was going to be my go to watch on more days than not. You can tell JORD really cares about their products, their packaging was amazing.  It comes in a beautiful wood box with a cleaning cloth and a natural finishing oil that you can use to preserve the beauty of the wood.  

    I’m sure you can believe it when I say that every single time I wear this watch, someone asks me where I got it from.  It has the most vibrant emerald color and a minimalistic look which allows me to pair it with jeans, a summer maxi, or my LBD (Little Black Dress) with confidence.  The best part — its super lightweight!   I love it so much I’ve been perusing their site for my next one already!   I mean, seriously, check out their women’s watch collection, how could you only own one?

    My husband, who rarely ever wears watches, actually tried mine on when I received it and immediately said he would wear the watch because of how comfortable it was!  Hello Father’s Day present!  I just need to figure out which one I like from their men’s collection now…Ha!

    If I haven’t convinced you that you need one of these watches by now, I’ll do you a solid. Enter my giveaway for a chance to win $100 off a JORD watch HERE! Everyone who enters, even if you don’t win, receives a 10% off promo code to use towards your own watch!

    Wooden Wrist Watch

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