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    Getting organized in a “Flash”

    …or a twirl!

    Ever since the twins were little, (you know, because 4.5 year olds are “big” Ha) they have always wanted to do everything on their own.  I mean, EVERYTHING!  I still remember the day we woke up to a handful of Karina’s hair on the ground from her brother helping her cut her yogurt pouch open but that’s a story for another time.  

    The twins’ need to be independent sent me on a search for ways to set them up for success which also kept my husband and I sane.  One of those things was figuring out how NOT to engage in a battle of “What will I wear” every. Single. Morning.  Y ’all know what I’m talking about…clothes that don’t match, shorts during the winter, or better yet, dress up outfits!!  

    (Even she’s exhausted from choosing the right clothes for the day!)

    So off on my hunt I went.  I ended up at Hobby Lobby where I found these super adorable hooks that I decided to re-purpose.  The thought was to match them to the theme in each of their rooms.  With a little bit of patience, a little bit of paint, and a lot of google searches later (apparently I don’t know a lot of super hero logos), I made a set of super hero star hooks for Sahil’s room and a set of colorful shapes for Karina’s room. 

    Linked here, you can see what they originally looked like.  FYI:  These will be located in the room décor section, originally priced at $4.99 but if you wait until décor is 50% off you can get them at $2.49!! 

    So anyways, Karina’s were super easy, I just painted them in pastels and added these silver glittery paper crowns to the hearts on each end that I had laying around the house.  The super hero themed ones were a little tougher.  I started off by drawing the symbol onto the plain star with a pencil and then painting them.  I don’t have the steadiest hand of the bunch so I outlined with a paint pen after for a “cleaner” look.



    Now that these are in place, every Sunday night, we go to each of their rooms and decide what they will wear for the week.    We can check weather in advance; Texas weather is so unpredictable and also plan for any events they have at school, like field trips.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still moments of “I don’t want to wear that” or realizing that something doesn’t fit anymore, but all in all, this simple process has changed the way our mornings start every day and I hope they will help you too! 

    Below is what the final product looks like on Sunday nights.


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