Non-Toy Gift Guide for Kids!

Legos, Dolls, Nerf Guns, stuffed animals.  How many of you have bought gifts for those special little kids in your lives and then noticed a few days, weeks or months later all of those toys are collecting dust in the corner?  For the past few years this has been the story of our lives and likely, if you’re here – you probably feel the same way.   

Keep reading for a list of some of my favorite gifts.  All of these gifts are sure to increase education, encourage creativity, and/or increase outdoor time.  (Read: less TV/screen time)

  1. Kiwi Co subscription: 

    Kiwi Co is a subscription based company that creates “crates” for people of all ages (0-104…yes you read that right, they have crates for adults too!) Their crates include science, arts and crafts, and imaginative play activities designed to help people discover, explore, and create things in the world around them delivered to your door! 

  2. Baketivity:

     My kids love baking, I mean LOVE it.  I find them in the kitchen, getting messy and creating something delicious (maybe sometimes not so delicious) all the time with me so I know this would be a great gift to continue encouraging that love for cooking.   Last year we even bought them these kid safe knives that they still use to cut up fruits and veggies! 

  3.  I Can Read! Books:

    As a teacher in my past life, reading is something I want to nurture and encourage my kids to love!  We have a few of these books already and both kids love them. There are different levels that allows you to choose according to the child. 

  4. Highlights Magazine:

    I love love loved Highlights magazines growing up.  We got a subscription to this magazine for the kids birthday this year and it is always a “highlight” (see what I did there?) when we get it in the mail!  They even have a version for kids younger than 5 called High Five.  This is a good way to keep the fun coming all year long!

  5. Melissa and Doug:  

    This brand screams creativity, education, and fun to me. They are super affordable so you can get multiple packs of these create your own kits to last your little ones a while!

  6. Movie Tickets: 

    Experiences for kids last a longer time than any toy I have ever gifted.  My kids still talk about the first time we went to watch a movie with their tiny bestie!  

  7. La Scoota:

    Encourage outdoor time without this super cool scooter that can be both sat or scooted on!  Comes in a multitude of colors that will fit any kids personality.

  8. Zoo/Museum Membership:

    Another one of my favorite things to do with the kids is visit zoos, aquariums, and museums.  Why not buy a membership that will last all year long?  This will also encourage grandparents, aunts/uncles, or even older siblings to go out on adventures with your kids!

  9. Arts & Crafts Easel:

    Encourage creativity with an easel!  In addition to this easel, grab some water colors, finger paints, crayons, colored pencils, etc. to get them started on those master pieces! 


For those of you who love giving toys, don’t worry – I do too, I’ll be posting another gift guide with toys that are sure to please all kids!  I mean, who doesn’t love watching kids freak out and open all the presents they just had to have?  

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